What to expect from vocal coaching

Discover what voice and presence coaching means for your team, your career, or your personal edification. Hillary Wicht offers group trainings, one-on-one coaching, and educational programs to break through and accelerate your objectives.

What you get from coaching:


Become influential

When you command your voice and presence with intention, your message reaches further and wider. Learn how to make the biggest impact in the world.


increase your roi

Your power pays dividends. Learn how to project your true credibility to generate repeat customers and new opportunities for bigger paychecks and higher revenue.


stand in your power

Speaking from your authentic self allows others to witness your true expertise. Learn how to gain the visibility that you deserve in your career.


take control of your life

Lasting fulfillment extends beyond your career. Learn how to project your confidence and mastery into every area of your life.


find your competitive edge

Your ability to weigh in and negotiate your worth is directly related to the power you wield. Learn how to get your voice heard at the table.


see your vision come to life

Voicing your power makes manifest your purpose. Whether it’s leading a Fortune 50 company or leading a movement, learn how to command your voice and presence to uplevel your work in the world.



Truly the most comprehensive coaching I have yet receive in my career.
— COO, Fortune 500 Tech Company
You helped me give the talk of my life. I will never approach another keynote the same.
— CEO/Co-founder, AI Tech Company

Hillary is the secret sauce.
— President, Legal&Corporate Affairs, General Counsel Fortune 500 Biotech Company
[Her] instruction...has paid dividends not only for my presentations but also for my leadership within the company. She is a true master of her craft.
— VP Territory Sales, Fortune 500 Software Corporation