MEET Hillary Wicht

Voice and presence expert for big hitters everywhere.

Voice and presence is an art and science that few people realize the importance of.

It’s deep and it’s life-changing.

And it’s the best kept secret of mega successful people.

Hillary first learned about the power of voice and presence as a stage actress and voice performer. Working alongside Grammy-winning singers, finding her vocal soul in gospel music, and voice acting for companies such as McDonalds, Mattel, AT&T, and Toyota. There, she mastered how to strategically project her voice to empower her roles.

Further training in Somatic Leadership Coaching and Psychology allowed Hillary to uncover even deeper patterns of speech and behavior to help big hitters. She now helps them generate greater influence so that their messages are heard, their purposes are valued, and the right people take notice. This leads to enormous breakthroughs that pay dividends: higher promotions, larger paychecks, bigger crowds—you name it.

Voice and presence training is no longer an option—because if you want to take center stage of your life, you must voice your power.