Voice your power.


It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.

Cultivate confidence. Stand in your truth. Step into your greatest vision of yourself.

How? By mastering one of the most important tools of mega successful people: your voice.

Are you ready to access the full power of yours?



Is your voice heard at the table?

Do you ever feel like your voice is being drowned out,  can’t find your way into the conversation, or often say something & no one takes notice - just to have the same thing repeated by your colleague & somehow everybody listens?  

Let’s get your valuable ideas heard & respected.




Are you gaining the recognition you deserve?

Is your talent failing to make the impact you need in your organization?  Let’s get you the executive strategy & visibility necessary to influence others & leverage your unique skill sets.




Pitches, negotiations, a TED tALK: aRE YOU HITTING THE MARK?

You’ve put in a massive amount of time & effort to get it right, there’s a lot at stake. Don’t let your voice & presence undermine your message.



IN your profits

Are you profiting from your expertise?

Does your compensation & title fall short compared to the mastery you hone?




How do you lead in all Areas of your life?

Cultivating power on a professional and personal level is what allows you to lead others.

Boundary-setting. Confidence-building. Imposter syndrome. Self-trust.

Learn how to show up as a leader in your life.



Find out how Hillary can help.



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Next Up:

September 27, 2019 SERENDIPITY conferenceVIP discounted tickets available via this link. Use code AMBASSADOR to get $100 off your ticket price!

October 8, 2019 Montreal, Canada Autodesk Power of Voice Workshop

October 14, 2019 Austin, TX TSSP Power of Voice Workshop

October 23, 2019 The Power of Voice training at Autodesk SF

November 2, 2019 TEDx Sonoma “Balance of the Sexes”

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Sept 11th, 2018 Commercial Real Estate Women Keynote Speaker Silicon Valley Capitol Club San Jose

Sept 26th, 2018 Keynote Speaker for the Unleash Your Brilliance conference sponsored by WICT Women in Cable TeleCommunications at SF War Memorial Center

Oct 11th, 2018 The Power of Voice training at Autodesk SF

Oct 17th, 2018  The Power of Voice training at Autodesk SF

Oct 27th, 2018  Serendipity SF 4-Hr Leadership Development Workshop  “Is Your Voice as Powerful As You Are?”  hosted by The Guild 

Oct 30th, 2018 The Power of Voice training at Autodesk Boston

Nov 2-3 2018 Coaching TEDx Sonoma  

Nov 7th, 2018 KBM-Hogue  Communications Training San Jose

Nov 8th, 2018 Comcast Women In Cable Telecommunication  Influential Communication Leadership Series  CA

Nov 13th, 2018  CHUBBS and MARSH Insurance  Influential Communications Networking Event and Training Los Angeles, CA

Nov 15, 3018 KBM-Hogue Communications Training SF

Nov 27, 2018 Women In Consulting featured speaker SF 

Jan 2019: RED Annual Member Drive - Keynote Speaker

Feb 2019: City of Santa Clara Planning Commission- Keynote Speaker & Workshop

March 29, 2019: CAI Bay Area & Central CA at Blackhawk Auto Museum -  Keynote Speaker

April 25, 2019 Wingtip Club SF  The Psychology of Pitching for Profit

April 29, 2019  Jak W Interiors  Team Retreat

May 6&8, 2019 Shanghai Autodesk Power of Voice Workshop

May 13&14, 2019  Singapore Autodesk Power of Voice Workshop

June 3, 2019  Price Waterhouse Cooper Speaker Coaching Bootcamp

June 20, 2019 Summit Construction Management Power of Influential Communication Team Training

June 27, 2019  Mercer Women at Mercer

August 19, 2019  Gensler Successful Women At Gensler (SWAG)— open to male & female public audience. Get your tickets here.


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